Trip report: Royal Laurel Business Class on EVA Airways from LAX-TPE

Trip report: Royal Laurel Business Class on EVA Airways from LAX-TPE

As part of our yearly trip to Melbourne for the Australian Open, we decided to take EVA Airways Royal Laurel Business class and I could kick myself for waiting this long!

Yes, it was our first time flying this Taiwanese Star Alliance carrier (thanks to our Chase Reserve Card) and it won’t be our last. Everything about EVA Airways spells comfort and chic.  No wonder why they have quite a few admirers.


Flight Details

EVA Airways flight BR11
LAX-TPE LAX Gate 142
Friday, 11 January 2019
Departure: 23:05
Arrival: 05:40
Flight Time: 12h+35m
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Seats: 3A and 5A

We booked our seats on EVA by transferring points from our Chase Reserve Card (read here) to our United Mileage Plus account.  The journey began from LAX on one of their two flights departing around midnight. Check-in for BR11, we were warmly greeted by the ground staff who expeditiously checked us in all the way to Bangkok.

After the check-in process, we made our way through security and on to the LAX Star Alliance Business Class lounge. We’ve utilized the Star Alliance lounge at LAX quite a bit.  We were looking forward to the open air deck and a nice shower.

The bar area at the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX

The open air deck overlooking the runway and T3

The lounge area

The food at the lounge was the standard offering of salads, noodle soups and sandwiches so that left me looking forward to my pre-order meal on board my flight. Because I had a long day, I decided to take a quick shower before my flight.

Boarding commenced at 45 minutes prior to departure since our aircraft was parked at a remote gate. We boarded the bus from the lower level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal and soon arrived at our remote stand.

At the boarding door, I was greeted warmly by a flight attendant who offered to show us to our seats. On this flight, I selected 3A and Mitch was right behind me at 5A. Awaiting at my seat was a special edition Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit, noise cancellation headphones, slippers, a full size pillow and a nice duvet.

The configuration was 1-2-1 offering direct aisle access with a full flat bed and a 15 inch monitor.

Noise cancellation headphones

As I was getting acquainted with my seat, Irene, our flight attendant, came by and offered us a pre-departure beverage selection of juice, water or champagne. We both opted for the champagne (Veuve Clicquot La Grand 2016). What a refreshing start to our long journey ahead. A few minutes later, Irene came by again to offer us pajamas (one of a few airlines that offer pax pjs) and confirmed our pre-order meal.

Boarding was efficient and before I knew it, the boarding door was closed and I felt the tug pushing us back. Soon after, we were airborne.

After we took off, FAs commenced the inflight service beginning with hot towels. Canapes (smoked salmon & capers mini tartlets and smoked duck) were offered soon after that with another glass of champagne and sparking water.

Canapes and a glass of Champagne

Dinner service began with FAs setting our tables with a table linen, bread basket, utensil roll up and olive oil & butter. The Hors D’ Oeuvre was a Maine Lobster with roasted baby beets, barley and dried fruit.

Table set up

Salt and Pepper shaker

Hors D’ Oeuvre of Maine Lobster

My main course selection from the pre-order menu was the Stir Fried Lobster with Vegetable and Fried Rice which was quite tasty with generous portions. Mitch ordered the Grilled Beef Filet with Potato and Vegetable. After dinner, dessert (Hazelnut Mango Jelly and Orange Jam Cake) was offered but I opted for a plate of fresh fruit and tea.

Stir Fried Lobster pre-order meal

Beef Filet with Mashed Potato and Vegetable pre-order

Matcha Tea


After the dinner service, the cabin lights were dimmed and I dozed off for a good 6 hours. The seats were comfortable and the cabin temperature was kept cool for me. EVA offers a very thin sheet/mattress cover.

One thing I noticed about EVA is how they pay close attention to the lavatory cleanliness. Every time a customer walks out from the lavatory, a flight attendant follows closely behind to make sure its tidy.

After my long nap, I was beginning to feel peckish, so I took a glanced at the mid-flight menu. The “Leisure Delight” menu offers some tasty Taiwanese snacks as well as a hamburger and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Mid Flight Snack

Two hours before arrival, the cabin lights came on and FAs were offering another round of hot towels follow by juices and table linen. I pre-ordered my breakfast which is Chinese Plain Porridge with traditional delicatessens, egg pancake with leeks, assorted mushroom with vegetables and fresh cut fruit. Mitch opted for the French Toast that he claimed was moist and delicious.

Breakfast Fruit

Rice Porridge

French Toast

EVA takes pride in the cabin cleanliness, food plating & presentation.  As you can see from our pics it is evident after a 12 hour journey from LAX, the lavatories are spotless well stocked and the food presentation is flawless.

Prior to landing, the two cabin directors walked both sides of the aisles thanking customers for their business and offer some Taiwanese candy. Not far behind, Irene came by and personally thanked us which was definitely a nice touch. She said because we were so kind to her and the crew, they made us a gift bag consisted of playing cards, pens, stationary kit and postcards which made my day! 😀

As we disembark, I thought to myself why I waited so long to experience EVA Airways? I was blown away by the inflight crew who were hospitable, engaging and really made our experience memorable.  Just as important the food was plated well and actually delicious.  We’ve departed from LAX many times and we tend to agree that the “catering/quality of food” often isn’t good, even dare we say, edible.  You can tell EVA spends a bit more on the quality of the food at the LAX catering kitchen.

EVA, we will be back! IMO, you have the best business class product to Asia, hands down.  The crew, service, catering, seat and amenities, FLAWLESS!  However, can you please bring back Hello Kitty to LAX?!?

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