Alaska Airlines DOUBLE MILES…and fast track to Gold status!

Alaska Airlines DOUBLE MILES…and fast track to Gold status!

Alaska Airlines feels like an Oprah moment right now,


IMO, with no bias, the best airline, frequent flyer plan out there is the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program.


  •  The last US airline to give the full mileage you fly in a non-convoluted way, you fly 1,000 miles, you get 1,000 miles
  • Low redemption rates for main cabin, business and first
  • MANY great partners, like Singapore, Qantas, Cathay and Japan with many others
  • Frequent mileage point sales, where you can purchase miles at a reduced price, sometimes with a 50% bonus

Now, they are offering, IMO, some VERY GENEROUS 2x mileage promotions that are worth checking out:

In addition, want Alaska Airlines Gold status?? You can get it in 4 round trips with their Coast to Elite Challenge.

You can earn Mileage Plan MVP status after just 2 round trips, or MVP Gold status after 4 round trips on qualifying coast to coast flights when you travel with us March 6 — May 31, 2019.  Get the full details clicking here.

You’ve got to register and some have deadlines that end soon, so make sure to read up on each one!
These are some VERY enticing promos from Alaska, will you take part?

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