$395 Full Fare Round Trip from LAX/SFO to Fiji

$395 Full Fare Round Trip from LAX/SFO to Fiji

Fiji is a bucket list destination for most people.  How about it’s now an affordable destination for almost ALL people!

How about $395 RT from LA or SF?!



The official airline of Fiji, Fiji Airways, is offering AMAZING full fare tickets from LA and San Fran.  Round trip, non stop to Fiji at $395.38 on dates between April and June with your best options available in May.

If you’ve got the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and have some Ultimate Rewards points, you could book full fare at 27K Ultimate Rewards round trip.  Use of points or cash is a great deal for this airfare!

Here’s a link to Google Flights as an example.  You’ll need to play around with the dates to get the price you want.

This sale won’t last, so I wouldn’t plan on these fares being there very long.

Who’s going to Fiji?!

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