What I’m doing with my Chase Reserve Points, Grand Hyatt Melbourne

What I’m doing with my Chase Reserve Points, Grand Hyatt Melbourne

I get asked all the time, “What do you use your Chase Reserve points on?”

Great question, and I’ve got a great example below to give you!


I’m sure you’ve seen our review of the Chase Reserve Card.  It’s the card that we use on almost all daily purchases. Hence, why I’m writing this blog post today, to help give you an idea of what we do with our points.

Every January you will find Polrit and I in Melbourne.  I love the city and Polrit loves the Australian Open.  It always makes me happy taking Polrit down to Melbourne for his birthday and tennis in January!



We also both love the Grand Hyatt Melbourne!


It’s just STEPS away from the Australian Open grounds (seriously, that close).  It’s a great hotel and the rooms are really nice!

Normally, I’d tell people to save their points for international Business or First Class airline travel.  That’s where you will get the MOST value for your points, on premium travel.  However, this is one of those times where using my Chase Ultimate Rewards points not only saved the day but saved me A TON of money.

I was booking our rooms for January (yeah, it’s over 6 months away, but it’s the Australian Open and rooms sell out FAST) and was once again booking us at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

I was curious what the rate was…

GEZZZZEEE, that’s right, $740 AUD a night, plus if I pay with a credit card there’s a 1.5% fee and taxes as well!  That’s almost $600 USD for one night!  Ouch!  That’s expensive!

HOWEVER, knowing that Hyatt is a transfer partner of Chase, I started looking at the points levels:

That’s a huge savings!  Only 15k Chase Ultimate Rewards points for one night.  If I really wanted to treat us I could do a Club Level room, (access to the lounge and room) for 21K points a night.  That prices $826 AUD or $607 USD a night.

For those that love to know “the value of a point” (total cost divided by the amount of points needed) I’m getting almost ¢.04 (¢.036) a point value.  $544 / 15,000 points.  That’s a HUGE value to me.  Not only will we be staying at a fantastic location, we’ll also be saving about $2174 for a four night stay.

Oh, and more Tim Tam’s for me! YUM!

So, next time someone asks me what they should do with their Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, I’ll tell them, book the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne during the Australian Open!

Now to go buy the tickets to the Australian open…🤨…

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