Earn Marriott/SPG Points without a stay? It’s now possible!

Earn Marriott/SPG Points without a stay? It’s now possible!

Pass the Marriott Rewards points, please!

Who doesn’t love points?!  Who doesn’t love free points!?  Who needs more Marriott/SPG Points!?  Who wants Marriott/SPG points with having to stay?!



Need more Marriott/SPG points without booking a stay?  It’s now possible with Marriott Moments.

Portals are nothing new,  we’ve posted about them,  in fact, you may be using a portal and not even know about it.  What’s worse, you may be using one and YOU don’t get the cashback or commission.



Most portals like TopCashBack.com or eBates.com split it with you.  You click through the link and then they split whatever the company’s commission is with you.  I think That’s fair.

However, some portals, disguised as websites, IMO, take the FULL commission from you!  Sites like TripAdvisor.com and Viator.com TAKE your money and then sell you the tour or travel.  Remember when you’d talk to a phone agent and they ask, “can we help you find a rental car?”  Yup, they get the commission…

 What was Stephanie Tanner’s catch phrase?!

Now that Marriott IS the worlds LARGEST hotel chain, seems that they want in on those 3rd party bookings as well.  However, it seems they are willing to give you a kickback in points.

They are branding it Discover the World with Marriott’s collection of Amazing Travel Experiences. Link here 

The list is pretty extensive, I did a search of my home town and found some great finds.

They also give you the option to take SPG or Marriott points.  If you read our recent post, (click here) you’ll see why I will be taking the SPG points!

I’m headed to see the Queen Mary in Long beach for $25.  SURE, Marriott, GIVE ME 75 SPG points!

Bottom Line

While using a portal for EVERYTHING you buy isn’t always possible, it’s now possible to get some kickback on points to Marriott & SPG for tours and experience you may be booking in your travels.

Summer is here and some will be headed to Universal Studios and more with the family, I’d suggest taking a few moments to look around and see what kind of deals Marriott has listed.

My goal is always to get 2 of something back for every $1 I spend.  This new portal only helps me with that goal!

If you’ve got questions, let me know.  Ask here in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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