Why I’m buying SPG Starwood Points for probably the last time…

Why I’m buying SPG Starwood Points for probably the last time…

My favorite points are SPG Starpoints. PERIOD!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be aware of the merger between Marriott & SPG.

The merger became official in September of 2016 when Marriott paid over $13 billion to acquire Starwood.  This was BIG news in the travel world making Marriott the largest hotel chain in the world!

Starpoints, IMO, are the most valuable points/miles currency currently available.  Why?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • For every 20k SPG points I transfer to a partner airline (there are a bunch) I get a 5k bonus for a total of 25K airline miles
  • Lower redemption rates on hotel stays
  • Transfer to Marriott Rewards at 1 to 3 points (1 Starpoint = 3 MR points)

Over the past few weeks Marriott has been announcing what a merged awards program will look like.  It’s rather sad to me to see Starpoints going away.  I’d suggest taking a look at the website (click here) for all the info.  However, all is not lost, the main takeaways from the new Marriott points program look like this:

  • They will keep the airline transfer program, if you have a bunch of Starpoints, it will still be the 20k with 5k bonus, however, it will be on the Marriott points value.  For example, it will take 60k points to transfer to airlines to get a 15k bonus for 25k airline miles.  A bit confusing I know.  Just know that all your Starpoints will be converted to Marriott points in August.  For a 1 to 3 value.  So if you have 30k Starpoints, you’ll have 90k Marriott points, so no value will be lost.
  • The award chart and categories are changing.  This will create some GREAT redemption rates for someone who has a bunch of Starpoints as it will reduce the amount you would need NOW for that same redemption.  However, on the other side of that coin Marriott has still yet to release what the new categories of all the hotels will be!  Marriott promised to release more info soon, so hopefully we will see that.  So far, only this preview has been released.  Come on Marriott, we need all the details!



So, get back on TOPIC, why am I buying Starpoints for the last time?

Like I said before, Starpoints are very valuable to me, because of the airline transfer bonus and the redemption rates.  SPG sells Starpoints at a discount from time to time.  Current airlines available:

The Current Promotion

SPG is selling Starpoints (click here for promotion) at 35% off through May 31st, 2018 which then will convert to 90k Marriott Rewards points.

Here’s my purchase:

A few notes:

  • If you use an AmEx SPG card, you are NOT suppose to get 2x points, however, there are rumors of this not being true.  Proceed at your own understand that it might not code as 2x since it’s processed by Points.com.  HOWEVER, the rumor is that if you select, SPG AMEX from the payment option (not just amex) it will code as 2X.  Fingers crossed it does as that will be another 1,364 Starpoints with this purchase.
  • You can only PURCHASE 30K Starpoints once a year.  So make it count.
  • We’ve talked about portals in the past, this is nothing new.  I used TopCashBack.com  to purchase from points.com, which got me $10.35 back.

SO, if all my I’s are crossed and T’s dotted, I’ll end up as follows:

31,364 Starpoints (converts to 94,092 Marriott Rewards points) for a total of $672.15.

Not bad IMO, when you can really get some great value out of those Starpoints.

I’m sad to see SPG go, but excited to see what Marriott creates with this combined new Rewards program.

I know this was a TON of info for those new to points and miles, if you’ve got questions, let me know.  Ask here in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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