Priority Pass Review: Sydney Better Burger Restaurant

Priority Pass Review: Sydney Better Burger Restaurant

One of my favorite benefits of our AmEx Platinum card is our membership to Priority Pass!

Yesterday, we took a look at how you can get a PP and the benefits.  Today, we review a PP “lounge” in Sydney!


We were headed to Auckland for a few days and had to make a stop in Sydney.  Of course we were flying business class, but the Air New Zealand lounge at Sydney Airport can get pretty crowded (first world problems).

Cue in our Priority Pass from our AmEx Platinum card.

Over the past few months there’s been reports of overcrowding at PP lounges.  There’s even been reports of abuse and more.  Chase will limit guests to 2 per account and AmEx already has that limit in place.

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE, is that PP is being proactive about the issue.  They are mixing it up, allowing you a certain value to use at a terminal restaurant.  Let me explain.  In a few PP airport locations, there are no lounges, but you have the option to go to one of their selected restaurants and get a dining credit.

In Sydney, there are a few options, we picked Better Burger.  Take a look at Better Burger Priority Pass benefits  here.

Not bad, right?  I get a $36 credit towards my bill at Better Burger and if I have a guest, they get $36 as well!  This is a great deal!  Sitting in a crowded lounge or getting a full meal for free in the terminal?  All of a sudden the terminal doesn’t look bad at all!



Let’s take a look at Better Burger, in the Sydney Airport T1.

Location is right in the middle of T1 air-side.

They had the PP sign posted just in-case you weren’t sure you were at the right place.

Menu is as follows, we were there for breakfast:

Of course we were there around 9am for breakfast, but it’s a burger stand, we didn’t want breakfast!  We had a burger and fries.  I’ll be honest, it was OK, nothing special, however, it was all free!

How did we do?  Not too bad!  We did stock up on a few bottles of water for our hotel room in Auckland.  That helped me max out my $36 credit.

The space is VERY SMALL, however, there was a huge common dining area right around the corner in the terminal.  I love the “sleeping” options at Better Burger 😜

Bottom Line
Siting in the terminal is never fun, however, getting free food and beverage is always a plus.  I LOVE the approach that PP is taking in certain cities to help with overcrowding of PP and airline lounges.  Better Burger was, OK, but helped fill a huger and kill some time.

Did you know about PP making restaurants available?

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