Tesloop: The new City to City transportation with your own private Tesla

Tesloop: The new City to City transportation with your own private Tesla

There’s one item on my bucket list…

I want a Tesla.

Until then, I’ll have to settle for test driving and oh yeah, now renting one to drive from LA to San Diego.

Have you heard of Tesloop?  How about Tesloop Cruiser?  Neither had I until I needed to get from LA to San Diego.


We are off on another adventure and this time we depart from San Diego, only problem is, we live in LA.  So, what do we do?

Option A: Amtrak was coming in at about $55 per person from Union Station to San Diego, with the additional fee of getting Uber from San Diego station to the airport AND the scary ride on the red line subway to downtown LA.

Option B:  Rent a car one way.  Only problem here, the fee for drop off at a different airport wasn’t cheap, looking at about $80 and gas.

Option C: Tesloop.  I could reserve a seat with each one costing $54.  Not too cheap.  Bout the same as taking Amtrak.

Option D: Tesloop CRUISER.  I get a Tesla mode 3 to drive from LA – San Diego for $49, total!  That’s insurance, fuel, the get me out the door price.  Plus if I use promo code FIRSTRIDE it drops it 20% to $39.20. AND… I get to drive a TESLA!

Option D was the real winner here, not only for price but for the entire experience of Tesloop.

First, take a look at our video review:

The Tesloop Story

Tesloop is a very interesting startup.  Tesloop, (different company and not affiliated with Tesla Cars), started in 2015 by Haydn Sonnad who at the time turned 16. Sonnad wanted his own car after getting his driver’s license. What did he want?  A Tesla Model S starting at $70K.

So, what happens when you’re 16 and can’t afford the car you want?  You get a job…Or as Haydn did, start a company.  He was going to provide a ride sharing service for people between LA and Vegas a few days a week, in his Tesla, hoping to cover the cost of insurance and the car payment.  Not a bad idea…Think of it as your modern-day lemonade stand.

Being as he was so young, he didn’t know that he wouldn’t be able to get the business insurance needed.  However, his dad came to the rescue and helped with his business idea and Tesloop was born.

The Tesloop Experience

Tesloop, is the first company offering city-to-city shared-car transportation in Teslas. It combines both the low-cost of electric technology with a focus on an inspiring experience. Tesloop has convenient pickup and drop-off locations while you avoid airport hassles and the challenges of driving yourself.  Their motto is to travel in a safe, productive, and sustainable way should be an experience that’s truly inspiring from booking to arrival.

OK, I’m sold…Let’s get going!

I head over to tesloop.com something catches my eye, The Tesloop Cruiser Program, you drive!  What’s this?  Something new?

As we will learn dropping off our Tesla, Cruiser is VERY new, just a few months old in fact.

The difference between Tesloop shuttle and cruiser is basically with cruiser you are the driver.  And whatever you can legally fit in the Tesla, friends, luggage, etc, for ONE price!  Not a bad deal if you ask me.

You will need to pass a background check, DMV check and provide a deposit, however, after all that, you are good to go.  Plus, the next Cruiser booking you make, you’ll skip the background check.

Your Tesla is loaded with:

Healthy Snacks and Drinks
Music with connected to Soundcloud, spotify and slacker
Charger Cables

The iced coffee drinks were delicious!

Bottom line:

We were very happy with our Tesloop Crusier experience.  We understand it’s new and hopefully will be a big hit with Tesloop customers.  The email we received however, were a bit confusing.  The wording made it out that we had booked the shuttle service, however, this was not the case.

With the discount code off the first ride dropping the price 20% AND all that comes with the experience, how could you NOT want to take a Tesloop Cruiser.

So, will you be taking a Tesloop anytime soon?

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