Chef’d Gift Cards half off at Costco: home meal delivery service

Chef’d Gift Cards half off at Costco: home meal delivery service

Who’s Hungry?!?

Most of you have been following us on social media and have seen we’ve done a few home meal delivery services.

So, you ask, what’s cooking?



There are MANY different choices on the market right now, however, our current favorite is Chef’d.


  • The program is à la carte.  One of my biggest issues with most meal delivery services is that you have to pick 3 meals from column A, blah blah blah.
  • They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert it’s not limited to one choice of meal
  • You can pick what day you want it delivered.  This is HUGE!  With the meal delivery services you must pick the same day each week.
  • It’s not recurring billing.  It’s a one time deal.

The best recipe yet, Lasagna!


Well, if you’ve ever wanted to try Chef’d, now is your chance.  Costco has their gift cards on sale at HALF OFF!

You can get a $100 GC for $49.99, click here for link.

Now, I’ll admit, their prices are a bit high, however, when you factor in this deal with Costco it makes it much better.

Getting a recipe, ingredients and delivery to my door at half off comes out to about the same price as it would take in my time planning and heading to the grocery store.

Bottom line, Chef’d has a great choice of meals and I love their setup.  Buying a half off Gift Card at Costco helps too!

Packed and ready to open!

Have you used any home meal delivery service?  Have you tried, Chef’d?  Let us know in the comments!

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