Trip Report: Review of Virgin Australia VA 007 Business Class BNE – LAX Boeing 777-300ER

Trip Report: Review of Virgin Australia VA 007 Business Class BNE – LAX Boeing 777-300ER

Sleek, Sexy and TRUE to the Virgin brand.  That’s what comes to mind of our most recent flight aboard Virgin Australia, VA 007 (coincidence? double O) from BNE – LAX. 

From the exceptional cabin crew service to the cutest salt & pepper shakers, ever, we LOVED our flight aboard Virgin Australia.  You can tell and feel that they’ve invested in the right elements and products aboard this flight.

Below we take a look at their international business class product.

Flight Details

Virgin Australia flight  VA007
BNE-LAX Gate 81
Tuesday, 23 January
Departure: 11:55
Arrival: 07:00 Next Day
Flight Time: 11h + 55 minutes
Aircraft: 777-300ER VH-VOZ
Seats: 2K and 3K

With most international flights, there’s a lot that happens before boarding.  You’ve got to cue up, get your passport checked about 5 times, undergo security questions, etc.  It’s a process.  So normally, flights will depart late, that wasn’t the case with VA007.

After security & passport checks, we were among the first to board.

We were met at the door with a warm and genuine greeting from the cabin crew.

We arrived at our seats, 2K & 3K.  The cabin is spacious with warm and inviting colors.

Let’s take a look at the seat.  This has to be one of my favorite types of business class seat.  The B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats.  TONS of “counter” space with lots of storage.  The center seats have a divider to pull across if you aren’t traveling together.  Click here for the seat map.

Tons of storage for your items


Deep storage area under the tray table

Tons of “counter top” area

Easy touch screen seat control

Once we settled into our seat, we were given a warm welcome at seat side by Emma.  THIS is where we REALLY fell in love with the Virgin Australia product.  Emma was SOOO warm and friendly!

Emma was just delightful.  She gave us the welcome and seat tour while giving this to ALL the business class passengers.  To do that, that many times and show kind and warmth was just amazing.  Not only is Virgin Australia a VERY attractive brand, but it’s their people, ESPECIALLY like Emma, who make it REALLY shine!

On-board this VA 777, they offer a full bar near the L and R2 doors.

Back at our seat during boarding, we were offered a welcome drink, amenity kit and pajamas.  Yes!  Pajamas in business class!  One of the very few airlines that offer them.

A generous 2 oz bottle of Burt’s Bees day lotion, nice bag and many other items.  My ONLY complaint, if I can have one, is the pajamas.  While nice and soft…they are ALL black.  No logo, no nothing.  If you are half asleep and see people walking by your seat, it can feel…slightly Heaven’s Gate cultish.

Pillows, bedding and a mattress pad.  Once again, RARE for a business class product to have a mattress pad (stock photo)

Headphones and water were also at the seat

Great selection on IFE

Also at our seat was probably one of my favorite features of ANY flight I’ve taken in a while.  A pre-order breakfast menu!  What a concept.  IT works for hotels, why can’t it work on an airplane?!?



Simply fill it out, give it to Emma and they bring you the breakfast about 2 hours before landing.  This, by far, was great!  No, waking me up, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love talking and interacting with the crew, but I hate that awkwardness, before the final service, after you’ve been asleep.  This is just perfect!

After take off and climb out, service started promptly.  The crew was running their behinds off!  No carts, no trays, all hand run.  Impressive!  All done within about 90ish minutes as well.  That’s how you know you’ve got a great crew with great service.  I can’t compliment this crew more!

Let’s take a look at the menu.  You order a starter, followed by main course and then dessert.  Many different options as well.

Service started with drinks and snacks.  Olives and Savoury biscuits.  Mitch had a glass of the Petaluma Can Cut Riesling while Polrit enjoyed the Ayala Brut Majeur champagne and a Bellini, both were delicious.

After, the tray table was set for dinner

WITH what I have to say are the CUTEST salt and pepper shakers I’ve EVER seen!

We both elected for the full dinner service, express was an option as well.  First up, we both chose the poached prawns with cashew puree, coconut and nam jim.

Next was main course, Mitch had the lasagne and Polrit had the Malaysian-style curried chicken leg with Jasmine rice.

For dessert, Mitch enjoyed the chocolate tart with poached berries and mascarpone.  Polrit enjoyed a more simple treat of mango sorbet.

As we hit the midway point, Polrit enjoyed the hummus dip plate with almonds, smoked paprika and flatbread

Enjoying the star light ceiling!

We had VERY strong tailwinds.  At about 2 hours out, the lights came up and breakfast was served from the pre-order breakfast card.

Mitch breakfast

Polrit breakfast

Once again, those CUTE S&P shakers!

Landing was quick and right on time into LAX at TBIT.

Overall thoughts?

Just amazing all around!  Great flight, great crew, great food, great seat, great great great!  Virgin is definitely a distinctive brand that really resonates with people. You can’t find anything better, in our opinion. We can see why it’s Skytrax pick for “the BEST Airline of Australia/Pacific” but to us, they are more than that. My only feedback would be to ditch or add something to those all black PJs.

What Virgin Australia did right!

110% the crew.  Emma was the Virgin Australia brand through and through.  She was the shinning star of not only the flight but the entire experience.


Our final grades of Virgin Australia’s Business Class International Product

Lounge (code share SQ @BNE): B

Comfort of the Seat: A

Cabin Space Seat Layout: A

Food: A

Amenity kit: A+

Storage space: A+

Inflight cabin crew service: A++++

Ground customer service: A+

Have you flown on Virgin Australia? How was your experience?  Let us know in the comments!


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