Trip Report: Review of Thai Airways TG 474 BKK – SYD, TG 476 SYD – BKK Boeing 747-400

Trip Report: Review of Thai Airways TG 474 BKK – SYD, TG 476 SYD – BKK Boeing 747-400

Flying first class on Thai Airways was an amazing experience!  Thai only offers first class service on select routes.

Some of the highlights include, Dom Perignon and Thai delights!

Let’s take a look at our flights from Bangkok to Sydney and back!

Flight Details

Thai Airways flight  TG475
BKK-SYD Gate C 10
Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Departure: 19:20
Arrival: 07:20 Next Day
Flight Time: 8h + 35 minutes
Aircraft: 747-400 HS-TGY
Seats: 2K and 3K

Return Flight

Thai Airways flight  TG476
SYD-BKK Gate 56
Tuesday, 22 September 2016
Departure: 10:00
Arrival: 15:20 Same Day
Flight Time: 8h + 20 minutes
Aircraft: 747-400 HS-TGY
Seats: 1A and 2A


Thai Airways currently has 3 different first class products.  They operate First Class on their 747 and A380 aircraft.


With this knowledge in hand, we set our sites on the new 747 and the A380 first class seat.  We’ve wanted to fly TG for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  This review will be a little different since it’s the same product going BKK-SYD and the return. 

We will break it down to the seat, amenities, service and on-board food and beverage.

Arriving from Phuket

After our arrival from our connecting flight on TG from Phuket, we were met by ground staff and taken directly to the first class lounge at BKK.  The full review of that is here.

After a great stay in the lounge, we were off to board our plane, HS-TGY.  This would end up being our aircraft down and back to Sydney.

First Class seat on 747

As noted above, TG offers 3 different types of first class seats.  You will only find the first class product on their A380 and 747.  It gets a bit more difficult as they have two different types of first class seats on their 747.  They have the enclosed seat and the open air seat.  We were lucky enough to book the enclosed seat.

Now, the question is, how do you know which one you are going to get? 

Great question!

Sooooo, the best way is to look at the seat map when you book.  If you are on the 747 and it has 9 FC seats you will have the enclosed seat.  If you have 10 FC seats, you will get the open air seats.  Also, note that just because you are seeing the seat map for that flight, doesn’t mean you will have that seat.  TG swaps aircraft FREQUENTLY!  Just know the inside joke.  When there is an aircraft swap, it’s called, “You Got Thai’d”! 😀 😀

In addition to the notes above, the seat map that you see on Seat Guru for Thai 747 is incorrect.  They have two versions of the 747.  The one with 10 seats is correct (pic below), this is the open air first class seats (remember if the center 1 and 2, 2E and then 3E/F it will be the enclosed seat, this is the one we were on).  The other Seat Guru map with 14 first class seats does not exist!  They retired that 747 years ago!

Also, if you see the Star Alliance livery at your gate, unfortunately, you’re on the older configuration. We were recently on the older configuration with 10 seats in first class and we will review that flight later.  Check out the mini post on Instagram by clicking here.

*Travel insiders SECRET

As of this post, TG currently has left 11 747’s in service.  You can note the tail numbers on FlightRadar24 by clicking here.  Note that TG- A B F G Y Z have the 9 seat FC product.  Note that TG- O P T W X have the 10 seat product.

Let’s take a look at Thai’s 747 enclosed suite seat.

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The seat is spacious and has plenty of leg room.

If you are traveling with a partner, the middle two seats would make a great selection.

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Unless you are in the nose 😉 Then it’s easy to be close, but not too close!

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Plenty of room to stretch out.

USB ports and IFE control is located in the arm rest.

Power port is forward near the IFE.

The seat goes flat and they provide a small mattress for sleeping.

There is an additional seat control to the side with built in massage, ahhh!

Large dining/work table is easy to pull out.

Excellent IFE library.

If you are wondering the orchid is not real!

Plenty of storage under seat and overhead for carry on luggage.  However, all bags must go in overhead. Under your seat is where they stow the bedding for your suite.

You will also find a small (VERY SMALL) closet off to the side of your seat.

The nose of the 747 feels like an exclusive experience.  Let’s take a look around the plane.

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

From L1 to the nose.

From nose to L1/R1.

The credenza in the middle is set up with newspapers and magazines for boarding and then swapped out as a beverage station during flight.

Something unique to Thai is their galley “galley” kitchen on their 747.  It’s located aircraft right.

The lavatory is a bit dated (think Boeing and 747, yawn!) but still not bad. And they have two for 9 people!

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Well stocked with L’Occitane products.

Amenities on board

Thai offers some great on-board amenities for first class passengers.  First, of course, entrance into the first class lounge in BKK and a complimentary one-hour full body massage.  You can read the full report of the Royal Orchid First Class lounge by clicking here.

As we boarded, we found a hard side Rimowa amenity kit at our seat (southbound was dark blue northbound was pink).  Stocked well with all the necessities. And a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Each seat has a feather and cotton pillow in addition to a good quality comforter.

A nice mattress pad was placed down and bed made for sleeping.

During boarding FAs made the rounds and offered pajamas in your requested size. (Slippers were also available).

For the sake of this review, there were so many hot towels offered that we lost count! Endless.  It was a very nice touch to see the logo embossed into the towel.

Newspapers and magazines were offered through out the flight.


Food and beverage

Thai, like Singapore and other premium airlines offers a pre-book meal service for first and business class international flights.  key word, international.  Domestic flights are unable to pre-book meals.  Click here for the link.

TG Ground service at Bangkok

Unlike almost any other carrier I’ve been on, TG’s ground service at BKK is REMARKABLE.  We NEVER had to walk anywhere and we always had a guide.  Upon arrival, we had a porter assigned to assist us with baggage.

Overall thoughts?

Some will find that the 747 product can be a bit dated, however, the service from the staff makes up for any new bells and whistles you’ll find on newer aircraft.  The 747 has been one of the greatest planes ever built and loved by many AV Geeks.  The enclosed FC seat is a great product and the open air FC seat isn’t a bad choice.  Compared to other airlines, TG’s winning service is their staff.

What Thai did right!

Their ground service at BKK is the best I’ve ever had.  Staff to help with bags, escort you through fast-track and the FC Spa lounge are some of the great personal touches that TG offers FC customers.

Since this review is running a bit long as is, tomorrow we will have a follow up post with the meal and on-board service during each flight!

Our final grades of Thai’s First Class International Product

Lounge: A+

Comfort of the Seat: A

Cabin Space Seat Layout: B

Food: B

Amenity kit: A+

Storage space: A

Inflight cabin crew service: A++

Ground customer service: A++

Have you flown on a Thai Airways FC product?  Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Polrit D Reply

      We were doing business in Bangkok and had to fly to Sydney to meet another client. We looked on line and the price was just slightly more than business class so we decided to splurge. It was worth the extra bit of money.

  1. I’ve never flown upstairs on one and looks like the opportunity to do so is getting smaller all the time. I know the A380 upstairs was pretty quiet. How was it in the ‘nose’?

    1. Author
      Mitch Shannon Reply

      Quite and exclusive! Felt very private!

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