Part 2 Trip Report: Review of Thai Airways TG 474 BKK – SYD, TG 476 SYD – BKK Boeing 747-400

Part 2 Trip Report: Review of Thai Airways TG 474 BKK – SYD, TG 476 SYD – BKK Boeing 747-400

Yesterday we had part one of our trip report on Thai Airways from BKK-SYD-BKK.

In part two we will take a look at the on-board food and beverage along with the service and final thoughts.



In case you missed part one, you can click here.  Let’s go right into part two!

Service on board/Food and beverage

Thai offers some great on-board products on board.  From Vintage 2006 Dom Perignon to their signature drink of Butterfly pea, your thirst will be quenched.

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Full beverage menu by clicking here.
Wine menu click here.

BKK – SYD On board food and beverage

Full dinner menu is available by clicking here for BKK-SYD

Welcome on board was started with a nice glass of Vintage 2006 Dom Perignon.

Also a hot towel and small sweet chocolate treat.

Since we had pre-selected our meal, we were offered the opportunity to switch, but decided to stick with our order.

Meal service started right after take off.

Cocktail service was up first.  Mitch had the butterfly pea along with an offering of nuts.

First serving was an offering of Hot Savoury prawn mousse wrapped with lemongrass.

Table was then set.

Next up was the white sturgeon caviar with garnitures.

After caviar the first course was up, crab thermidor.

Followed by soup.  Sweet pea with smoked ham infused in truffle oil.

Then, the main course.  Many items to pre-order or choose from the menu.  We both pre-ordered the lobster thermidor. I’ll be honest, after tasting it, I was a bit disappointed.

Assorted cheese and fresh fruit was offered.  However we skipped straight to dessert. Pistachio cake with tea, coffee.

At this point, poor Mitch is sick.  Very sick.  We had stopped by the drug store and picked him up some antibiotics for the way down.  He was off to bed, medicated!

During flight, snacks were available.  Vermicelli rice noodle soup with braised beef was available upon request.

About an hour and half before landing the crew came through with the second breakfast service.

Table setting first with green tea and juice.

First course was fresh fruits with yogurt and cereal.

Followed by your choice of the main course.

Mitch took the french toast stuffed with peach mixed berry compote.

Polrit had the rice porridge served with accompaniments. One of the most beautiful and tasty dish I’ve had on board.


SYD – BKK On board food and beverage

Full dinner menu is available by clicking here and here for BKK-SYD

Welcome on board was started with a nice glass(esssss) of Vintage 2006 Dom Perignon.

Along with chocolate and hot towel.

After seat belt sign went off, service started with a beverage offering and nuts.

Soon after Canapes.

Followed by one of the best caviar services I’ve ever had.

Served with a mother of pearl spoon.

And an iced glass of vodka.

Next up was the first course.  Lobster crayfish and smoked garnitures.

Followed by the soup course.  Braised duck in pickled lime soup. With a side salad offered.

Once again you can order from the menu or pre-order.

Mitch had pre-ordered Grilled fillet beef Rossini red wine.

Polrit pre-ordered the Stir-fried lobster with SiWITH Sichuan chili sauce.

More fruit and cheese was offered.

Followed by dessert. Berry cheesecake with double cream!

The Second service started about an hour and half before landing in Bangkok.

It started with the cauliflower cream soup.

Next up, it was a choice of the Tomato Mozzarella quiche or the Stir-fried udon noodles with oyster sauce or Stir-fried pork with mango and vegetables.

Dessert rounded it off with a fruit pudding and vanilla sauce and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

TG Ground service at Bangkok

Upon landing at BKK were were met by ground personal, taken to the fast track line and had our own personal escort take us through customs control.

On the other side our own porter was waiting for us. (VERY NICE TOUCH!)

He then assisted us with our luggage.

Took us all the way to the taxi stand and helped get us a taxi.

Overall thoughts?

Dining with Thai Airways was truly an experience. Who can complain about Dom Perignon, Caviar and delicious Thai food served on board however, the inconsistencies knocked down the experience a bit. What was a winner for me was what I mentioned above. The Thai offerings were flavorful and a feast for the eyes. On the other hand, my pre booked meal of Lobster Thermidor was disappointing. I’m not comparing it to any other carriers, it was just the flavor, the quality and the presentation that missed the mark.

My other pre booked meal from SYD was pedestrian. It wasn’t as bland as the previous flight in fact, it was opposite. It was so salty that the flight attendant offered me another meal but luckily, I was full from my previous courses.

The ground staff at Suvarnabhumi for departure and arrival is fantastic. From the moment we checked in, we were driven around, had an hour massage, a private room in the lounge, escorted to our seats on the plane and never had to carry our own bags. Upon arrival back to Suvarnabhumi, being greeted with your name on a sign, driven to the a designated passport control lane and your personal luggage porter truly sets Thai first class service apart.

But overall, if you take in the big picture, Thai delivers a really good first class product that’s very traditional and very customer focus. I’ve learned to order the Thai meal sets the next time I fly TG First Class again.

What Thai did right!

As I mentioned above, the ground service at Suvarnabhumi was the highlight of this trip. The in flight crew did a great job but the ground experience truly sets it apart from the other carriers.

Then there was the Champagne and Caviar. It was great to see it on the menu. Other airlines have done away or reduced the cost by boarding less caviar or garnishes but Thai did it right!


Our final grades of Thai’s First Class International Product

Lounge: A+

Comfort of the Seat: A

Cabin Space Seat Layout: B

Food (SYD Catered): B

Amenity kit: A

Storage space: A

Inflight cabin crew service: A++

Ground customer service: A++

Have you flown on TG?  How was your flight?

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