AMEX Offer:  Martha Stewart is pushing me to drink! $40 free!

AMEX Offer: Martha Stewart is pushing me to drink! $40 free!



As I woke up this morning I thought it might be a good idea to check my AmEx offers!  Don’t know about AmEx offers?  Click here as we’ve written about them in the past!


Well, it seems that Martha Stewart is telling me I need to drink more in my life, which isn’t a bad thing!

Check out the latest offer from AmEx:


First, a few readers may note that the offer has been “redeemed”… Don’t judge!  Second, yeah, that’s a killer deal!  $40 back off $50.  I was lucky enough to have it on most of my AmEx credit cards!

Here’s what I did.

First, I went to where they are offering a portal pay out of 12% on a purchase (more info on portals here), then I went shopping on Martha Stewart  I love dessert wines, so I grabbed a bottle of the Riesling and a few others.


So, all in all, it’s a pretty good deal.  Those that want to get right at the $50 mark, it’s possible as you can get creative with mix and match and free shipping on 6 bottles or more!

Grand total of $58.89
AmEx off -$40
Portal off -$5.40

Total of $4.49 a bottle, shipped to my door.  That’s not bad at all!  Some will be able to get the price per bottle lower!  There is also a Groupon that you can stack this with as well.  (You’d buy the Groupon first, then stack with order from Martha Stewart Wine for $50 purchase).

Let us know in the comments if you take part in the deal!


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