QUICK POST: Qatar Airways Fare Sale

QUICK POST: Qatar Airways Fare Sale

OK!  Here we go again, another opportunity to fly business class for a cheap full fare price!

Everyone always wants in on the secret and here’s another fare sale we are planning to purchase.  Qatar Airways, round trip from the U.S. (LAX/NYC) full fare business for around $3,500 for two or $1,800 for one!  You can book almost (a few blackout dates) ANY date from January 11th 2017 to December 15th 2017.

Here are some sample fares we are finding:

Sample Deals

You can find some great fares from the U.S. to Asia and UAE.  Here is a sample of what we are seeing (we’ll include economy as well):

  • $475 round trip Atlanta To Kuala Lumpur (Economy)
  • $500 round trip Los Angeles To Jakarta (Economy)
  • $625 round trip New York To Dubai (Economy)
  • $1,800- $2000 round trip Los Angeles To Singapore (Business)
  • $1900 round trip New York To Singapore (Business)

Promo Code!

Code word VISA.  That’s all you need to save 15% off the fare.  Enter that into the box as you search.  It doesn’t discount on the taxes, but I’ll take any discount I can get.  All details here.

Confused, here are the steps:

This one is pretty easy to book and hardly any “hoops” to jump through.

First, go to qatarairways.com

Search for your route from the sample fares above and make sure to enter promo code “VISA“:

Select the flight and dates that have the business promo available:

Finish pricing out your flights:

Some Extra Notes

Note that from LAX Qatar only operates the 777 with the old business class seat, not bad, but if you are a window person you will need to climb over someone next to you.

The A350 now operates with direct aisle seats for all and is a very nice product.  You should be able to find this from NYC.

The A380 is on very select routes and DOES offer the bar for passengers in business class or higher.

Old 777 Business Class Seat

New A350 Business Class Seat

Qatar has fare sales a few times a year.  This one is actually a pretty good price for the long way to Asia.  Are you buying?

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