Ultimate stacking!  With BOXED and AmEx

Ultimate stacking! With BOXED and AmEx

For those of you that love Costco but don’t love lugging the load from the cart, to your car to you home might have a new alternative.

Boxed Wholesale is the new kid on the block in online “Costco” size items.  Read on for how I saved over half off!


Polrit had made an order online a few months ago and the “Boxed” came to our front door.  I said, “what’s this?”  He said, “Oh, it’s some promo.”  A lot of detailed info there, huh!  Hum, I wondered…What’s Boxed?

Basically, it’s the new “Costco” for online retailers.

On wednesday I was looking around on their site as we needed a few items and though, how can I stack this to save some money?!?  Here’s what I did to get almost HALF off my order.

When you “invite” friends to make a purchase, you get $15 off.  Since Polrit had an account, he “invited” me!  Clever.  AmEx has a current offer (click here to read about AmEx offers) for $15.  Start off with a portal, (read about portals here) and you are all set.   So, let’s take a look at the stack.

First, Polrit sent me a link for $15 off.  You can get $15 off your order by clicking here.

I then started first by going to my favorite portal Top Cash Back.com.

Then I head over to Boxed.com and toss a few things in my cart.  I have to add $60 since the “tell a friend” gets your $15 off.  Also, the AmEx offer requires $50 spent so I’m good there.

So, you can see where the “tell a friend” offer pops in.  Then, I get notification from AmEx that I redeemed my offer.

Then Top Cash Back lets me know I earned cashback.

I like how they “play off” Costco to offer free samples with your order.

So, how did I do?

  •  Free Shipping
  • $15 back from AmEx
  • $15 back in adding a friend
  • $3.11 back from Top Cash Back

$66.86 grand total minus $33.11 in discounts equals $33.75 spent!  Half off is not bad.

Is this stuff I need?  Sure!  Was there an added benefit having the UPS man bring it all the way to my front door?  ABSOLUTELY! When I picked up that heavy box with the soap and other items I was so happy I didn’t have to drag it all from my car.  Plus, delivery was pretty quick.  I ordered on Wednesday and it came on Friday.

Click here to save $15 off you first order.

Have you tried Boxed?  Let us know your experience in the comments.


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