Hotel Review Part 2:  SPG Naka Island, A Luxury Hotel Phuket…Everything else!

Hotel Review Part 2: SPG Naka Island, A Luxury Hotel Phuket…Everything else!


In yesterday’s post we reviewed just our room at The Naka Island, an SPG Luxury Hotel in Phuket.

Today we want to review what all is offered.
Some might think that just because it’s an island there isn’t much to do, but as you will see, there’s enough to keep you busy!
Let’s take a look.




After reading our room review (click here) on the Naka Island SPG, we wanted to highlight the property for you!

First, here are some helpful links for you:

You can see their monthly activity calendar by click here.

Also their resort activities by clicking here.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Polrit giving a personal tour of our villa!

First, let’s take a look at some of the freebies.

Tons of freebies

Free ice cream is offered everyday by the pool from 2-5pm.  Flavors are different each day!  YUM!


They offer free bikes that you can use to get around the resort or island.



There are a bunch of activities each day!  One of our favorites was the fruit carving class.



Mitch took the Thai language class.  He can do better 😉


On the beach you can take advantage of free rentals on a variety of water equipment.



OK!  Now let’s talk food, better yet, Thai food!  When we arrived we woke up hungry in the middle of the night!  Of course, why not order room service.  The pricing is reasonable.  Here you can see we had a delicious order of traditional Pad Thai (which is enveloped in an egg crepe), Glass Noodle Salad with Seafood and Spring Rolls.  Just what we needed at 3am!



There are a few options for dinner at the resort.  We had dinner at My Grill.  They offer a diverse menu.  We had the surf and turf option.


On our first day we arrived HUNGRY!  Our friend Leilani treated us to their afternoon tea set.  It was delicious and presented beautifully.



The breakfast buffet was perfect.  Since the area is a bit small, they give you the option of ordering whatever you like from the menu.  In addition they have a full buffet and a made to order noodle bar!


A look inside their chilled room.

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Ahhhh… The spa.  Our friend Leilani spent a bunch of time there, what happened? We aren’t sure, but she always came back refreshed!  Good for her!

Their spa is gorgeous!  There are small pools that surround your walk to your private treatment room!  They offer specials each month.  Make sure to setup your appointments once you arrive as times can be booked.


You can find the complete service menu by clicking here





The Island

The grounds around the island are kept clean and neat.  Anytime you walked around there was always someone tending to something.



I was out and about during my run and this was the path that I took.


They have a gift shop of items that you may need.  Our friend Leilani bought her postcards here and mailed them.  Did you get one?




Isn’t this what you came to Naka Island for?  Relaxing?  The highlight for us each night was the turn down service.  They light candles and bring down the mosquito net around your bed.



Getting to the beach is easy.



The main pool is located next to the gym and beach hut area (hint: this is where you get the free ice cream).



Of course, there’s always your villa! 😉



SPG Gold/Platinum member benefits

Being that I am a SPG Gold member, they offer some great benefits.  Even better if you are a platinum.

Free drinks

One night of our choosing we were given all the free drinks we could drink from 5-7pm.

Partial upgrade

As we mentioned in our earlier review, the property does not do complimentary upgrades.  Why would they need too as this property sells itself!

However, what they do for Gold and Platinum members is they offer you a premium room of your booking.  Since we booked the ocean view, we were given enhanced rooms, meaning better views/layout.  Our rooms were away from the main pool area and felt more private.  I really appreciated this.

Late checkout

Was offered, but not needed as our departing flight was at 1pm.

Welcome gift

As with SPG you can choose drinks/points for a welcome gift.

On demand boat to the main island

This one may be important to those that want to get into the city.  Regular guests (non-spg Gold/Platinum) can only access the boat shuttle at specific times.  We were told that since we were SPG Gold that we could have access to the boat shuttle on demand.  This was a welcome benefit if we wanted to go have dinner in the city.  However, we never left the island!

Using points for services

If you have some SPG points they give you the option of using them for different items.


The Staff

We can’t speak enough about how welcoming and thoughtful the staff members are. From The Director of Food/Beverage and Rooms to our housekeeper, we were always greeted by our names and with a pleasant smile. In speaking to our concierge, they want to make everyone feel at home without being “intrusive.”

They succeeded!

Every request that we had was met with speed and efficiency.


Overall thoughts?

Like we said in the first post, The Naka Island SPG resort is a VERY special place.  They don’t nickle and dime you on the freebies and the service by the staff comes straight from the heart.  Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you a fair and eye opening review of the property.  If you have any questions, just ask!

So, the million dollar question, would I go back again?


We love this place and plan on returning, soon!

Click here for the best rates available at Naka Island SPG resort!

Have you stayed at Naka Island?  How was it?  Let us know in the comments!

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