Full fare flights?  How are you doing it?

Full fare flights? How are you doing it?

ba-fare-saleWe keep getting questions on social media and in person asking us, “How are you getting these tickets full fare?  Aren’t they expensive?”


Great question.  No they are not!  And here’s how we do it!




We’ve shared these secrets before, however, seems since we’ve started taking some of these trips that others want in on how we do it!

Airlines, including BA tend to have fare sales every so often.  For example, one of our greater purchases was last year when we booked round trip LAX – MAD for $1,000 each!  (click here for BA fare sale)  (click here for BA trip report).


Our current trip to Ljubljana Slovenia, was purchased with a fare sale from Sky Team.  Round trip from LAX was coming out to about $1,400, but we stacked it with an AmEx offer and got it down to $1,200!

We’ve also bought tickets next year for Istanbul on KLM for a total of $882!  Round trip, biz!  (Click here).

Bottom Line

Buying full fare isn’t a bad thing when the price is right.  $500 each way for a full fare business class ticket is a steal!  In fact, it’s at or cheaper than doing staff travel.

I highly urge you to check full fare prices before you decide on a trip.  We’ve seen some great prices over the past year!  $350 round trip in coach to BKK and $450 round trip to NRT.  Deals are out there, cheaper than staff travel!

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Have you found a good deal?  What was it?  Let us know in the comments!

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