Lounge Review:  JAL (Japan Airlines) First Class Lounge at NRT

Lounge Review: JAL (Japan Airlines) First Class Lounge at NRT


When traveling JAL First Class and making a connection to business class @NRT, you have access to the first class lounge.

This will be a brief but detailed review of the two JAL First Class lounges at NRT.

Lounge Details

JAL First Class Lounge
Location: NRT  (2 Locations)
Thursday, 15 September 2016
Time Arrived: 17:15
Time Departed: 18:00
Best Feature: Massage Services

Who has access:

  • JAL First Class and other One World First Class passengers.  JAL First Class can only be accompanied by one guest traveling on the same flight (even if in a different class of service).
  • One World Emerald Member
  • JMB Diamond members plus one companion
  • JGC Premier members plus one companion

Both are located in Terminal 2 @ NRT, with one at:
Main Terminal, 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)

The second:
Satellite Terminal, 3rd Floor


JAL has two First Class lounges at NRT located inside their Sakura Business Class Lounge.  This is good to know because they are both in Terminal 2 @NRT.  One is located in what they call the Main Building and the second is located in what they call the Satellite building.

As we arrived in NRT from our inbound LAX – NRT flight we would park at a remote gate.  This means a quick connection and limited ground time.  We needed to make a decision, fast, on which one we were headed too.  Since we were already in the main building we headed to that one.

However, this was a costly mistake.  With only 45 minutes ground time our top priority was to take a shower.  All the showers were booked for at-least the next 30 minutes!


Polrit had a great idea, since we were departing out of the Satellite building, we should head over to that one.


Once inside we asked if the showers were available.  One was and the other was being cleaned.  At this point we have about 20 minutes before boarding.  Our gate was close so we took the chance.

Note that there are only two showers located in the Satellite First Class lounge.  This could be a problem if there are people waiting.

After we finished the shower, the agent paged us.  Seems our IFE screens were in-op on NRT – BKK.  She asked if she could move us and we said no problem.

A quick look around the lounge, we saw the following:

Unlike The Thai Airways First Class lounge @BKK where you can get a full body one hour massage,  JAL offers several 10 minute complimentary massage treatments.  You will need to book as soon as you get in because appointments go fast.

We didn’t have time to try one, but it did look like a nice feature.

The lounge offered storage lockers if you wanted to leave and shop in the terminal.


Computer stations are located near the front.


Plenty of seating and nicely decorated with brown wood accent colors.



There were plenty of self serve drink and food options.




On my way out, something caught my eye, it was a room with a door that said “The Dining”.


At this point, I was pushing my luck on time as our plane was boarding but I wanted to see what it was.  It appears to be a full on restaurant with a buffet and made to order items.











Overall thoughts?

Very modern feeling.  Lounge has great seating and many nice perks, however, they need more than 2 showers.  Remember the afternoon is the busy time for NRT so if you are making a connection and want a shower make sure to give yourself plenty of ground time or you might be scrambling to find one.  Food selection was great and drink offerings top notch.  It’s always nice to see lockers available if you have some ground time to lock your stuff up and explore the terminal.

Our final grades of the JAL First Class Lounge @NRT

Entrance welcome and engagement: A

Layout of lounge: B

Food Selection: A

Cocktails and adult beverage selection: A

Shower: B

Amenities (i.e. shower, massage, etc): B

Was it clean: A

Overall Experience: B

Have you experienced the JAL first class lounge at NRT?  How was it?  Let us know in the comments!

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