#TBT Trip Report: Czech Airlines from ATH –  PRG

#TBT Trip Report: Czech Airlines from ATH – PRG

OK!  This will be a pretty short trip report.  Why?  Because back in 2007 there was no iPhone, there was no smart phone and no Instagram!  Just good ol’ point and click Canon cameras!

I was cleaning up photos on one of my old computers and came across these pics from a non-rev trip on Czech Airlines.  Hard to believe this trip happened almost 10 years ago!

Czech Airlines current logo and livery

Since our trip, Czech has re-branded their logo and planes.  Here is our brief, but memorable trip report from 2007.

Flight Details

Czech Airlines flight number  ??
September 2007
Departure: ??
Arrival: ??
Flight Time: 2 hours something?
Aircraft: 737-400
Seats: Row ? E&F Czech Travel Class (aka, coach!)


Taking a selfie with a Canon point and shoot camera!


After take off curtains were pulled!


Service was prompt with lunch served and soda/juice.


The food cart comes to our row.


What did we have?  I honestly don’t remember…was it chicken?



A beautiful view along the way with small islands popping up.




Hard to believe this trip was almost ten years ago!  It’s always fun taking a look back at travel adventures, pre-iPhone days!

Curious if you have any old trip photos that you’ve found?  It’d be fun to share these!

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