Toberlone Tuesday: Laying over in HNL!

Toberlone Tuesday: Laying over in HNL!

Picture it, you’ve just spent the past 6 hours crossing the pacific for that small set of islands in the Pacific.

Welcome to the island of O’ahu, Paradise, with a Cheesecake factory within walking distance!  In this edition of Toberlone Tuesday, we take a look at my favorite parts of HNL!



Ah, yes, Honolulu.  The capital of Hawaii and what I would consider the hub of the state!  Sure, it can feel very “touristey” to those of us that travel the world, but to some, it’s paradise.

However you feel about Hawaii, the question is, what are you gonna do with a 26 hour layover and tons of time to kill?!

My favorite thing to do whenever I travel is head to the local grocery store.  I love seeing the different local products that are available.  That’s why today, we are taking a look at the top 5 BEST green tea products that you can buy at Don Quijote!  Wow, that’s a twist from no where!  Yeah I love green tea, I love Don Quijote, so naturally I go shopping there while in HNL.   They have a full aisle of green tea candies, cookies and more!


Wow, that’s a lot of green! With out further delay, my top 5 favorite green tea products at Don Quijote:

#5 Kyoto Green Tea Pudding

It’s located in the back bakery section by the produce.  Oh, this is sooo good!  It’s locally made as well.  A cool treat for when you are looking for a sweet green tea treat!


#4 Feeling under the weather?

So you aren’t feeling well and you have a cough.  NO PROBLEM!  Pick up a pack of these green tea cough drops.  Guaranteed to ease your cough while soothing your throat with a tasty green tea essence!  Ah, these will have you feeling better fast!


#3 Hawaiian Sun Green Tea with Lychee!

What happens when you mix green tea with lychee?  You get a delicious drink from Hawaiian Sun!  Pick up a 6 pack for around $2, which is a steal in Hawaii!  I’ve yet to be able to find these on the mainland, if you see them, let me know, they are delicious!


#2 Caramel Corn with a twist of Matcha!

You’ve got to try this new find called “Tohato Caramel Corn with Match”.  I would describe it as a sweet Cheeto mixed with Matcha flavor.  This will become popular, trust me, pick up 5 bags for you and a friend!



#1 Hello Kitty

OK, I thought I’ve seen everything Hello Kitty.  Really!  But this takes the cake.  Hello Kitty Match Green Tea Marshmallows.  Yes, this is a real thing and YES they are delicious.  A small bite of Matcha is in the center!  YUM!



So there you have it, my quick shopping trip to Don Quijote.  $50 later, I’ve got a cart full of green tea items and no room to bring them back.


Bonus To Do in Honolulu!

If you haven’t clicked away, there’s another favorite for me in HNL!  I’ve found this shop in the Ala Moana mall called La Palme D’or.  Oh, how they have amazing green tea desserts!



Well, last time I was here, I found my new favorite obsession, Matcha Milk Jam!  If you love any type of spread on breads, you’ll love this!


I called ahead last week to put in my order for 5 jars.  I was sad to learn that they don’t make it on a regular basis anymore, HOWEVER, some good news was delivered to me!  The chef was able to whip up a special batch!  I now have 5 jars of delicious Matcha Milk Jam to get me through the next few months!  THANKS La Palme D’or!  I’d suggest calling in an order if you’d like to pick up a jar or two!

So, next time you have a green tea craving, let me know and I’ll whip you up a special batch of my green tea chocolate covered strawberries!  However, I’ll need to make a quick trip to Don Quijote first!


There you have it, another Toblerone Tuesday with fun things to find in HNL!  What is your favorite thing in HNL?  Let us know in the comments!

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