How low can airfare go?  Buying full fare tickets…best deals available now!

How low can airfare go? Buying full fare tickets…best deals available now!

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As the weather starts to change (slowly here in So Cal) it feels like fall is on the way.  With that, we are seeing some GREAT deals on airfare around the world.


We’ve seen some great prices over the past few weeks to Tokyo, Bangkok and Europe.  Some very DEEP discounted fares.  Fares so low, it’s cheaper to go full fare than to do staff travel passes.

What sales are we currently seeing?

  • Los Angeles to Delhi, India for only $470 roundtrip: Availability from October to November 2016
  • Washington DC to San Juan, Puerto Rico for only $237 roundtrip with United Airlines: Availability from September to November 2016
  • New York to Amsterdam, Netherlands for only $298 roundtrip: Availability in January 2017
  • New York, Boston or Chicago to Stockholm, Sweden from only $404 roundtrip with Star Alliance airlines: Availability from October to December 2016
  • And EVA released this special to Bangkok today:  LAX-Bangkok via Taipei from $670 R/T: Availability in September – November 2016. Fare includes taxes/surcharges.

So, why is airfare so cheap?  A couple of reasons, the cost of fuel is down, some feel that seat capacity is rising and other economic factors as well.

Big question, how do I find these fares?

  • Punch in what you are looking for and click on the date.
  • A calendar will drop down with prices, (to get that fare for round trip you must select the same price on the departure and return).
  • It will then pop up who is offering that fare.  You can buy through Google or head over to that website and purchase it there.

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Why are we pushing you to buy full fare? I enjoy staff travel!

And so do we!  However, we’ve discovered going full fare these days is a much better option, for a few reasons:

  • It’s becoming extremely difficult to predict load factors.  Let’s face it, a flight could look good for a few days, then all of a sudden, BAM, it’s oversold and you aren’t getting on.
  • Prices are low!  VERY LOW!  We know it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that buying a ticket is a much better option than doing staff travel, but think about it…what’s the value in knowing you are getting on?!  We saw LAX – Tokyo last month for around $450 ROUND TRIP!  Crazy!  Most ID90 passes cost more! Why standby when you can go full fare for almost the same price!
  • I don’t have to take that middle seat!  In most cases, going confirmed, I can select the seat I want!
  • Who needs that stress, when I could have spent a few more dollars and been confirmed!  If I’m doing staff travel and I don’t get on, I’m going to need to get a hotel.  That money could have been used to buy the full fare ticket!

Not all full fare deals are perfect or better than staff travel.  Our advice, in this every changing world is to check the full fare price FIRST before you decide to go somewhere.  It won’t hurt things AND the peace of mind you will have knowing you are TRAVELING CONFIRMED!

Have you bought any good full fare deals?  What did you get?  Let us know in the comments!


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