TRIP REPORT: Singapore Airlines A380 SQ26 from SIN – FRA, Suite Class

TRIP REPORT: Singapore Airlines A380 SQ26 from SIN – FRA, Suite Class


Sometimes I feel if I just say, “Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines” and click my heals three times, I’ll be back.

Oh what a grand adventure!  Singapore Airlines, SUITES, from Changi Airport to Frankfurt International.  Let’s take a look at our 13 hours in heavenly bliss!


Flight Details

Singapore Airlines flight  SQ26
Monday, 1 February 2016
Departure: 23:55
Arrival: 6:20
Flight Time: 12+25
Aircraft: A380
Seats: 3C and 3D


First things first, we have to give this crew crazy accolades!  They were AMAZING!  However, I feel the word amazing pales in comparison to how truly magnificent they really were.  I’m talking over the top, kind, thoughtful, sweet, caring, genuine with class and grace!  I’m serious, I’m not making this up!  The fact that they brought their own decorations to help celebrate our 10 year anniversary is above and beyond!  More on that later!


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning!

We left for Changi airport around 3pm.  Yeah, almost 9 hours early!  We were eager to check out the airport because there are so many cool things about Changi.  They have a movie theater, butterfly garden and more!  We will review the airport at a later time for those of you that have never been.


First class check-in was a breeze!  It’s a different terminal at Changi.  You enter what feels like a hotel and porters are on hand to help with your luggage.  Drinks and water were offered along with hot or cold towels.


Once checked in we were handed the “Golden Ticket” to the Private Room!


We get our boarding pass, private room ticket and head off to the gate through the private first class customs entrance!



Once we pass though customs we are HUNGRY and decide to head to the private room.  What is the private room you ask?  Well, Singapore Airlines has the Silver Kris lounge at Changi.  There’s the business lounge connected to the first class lounge and around the corner, you’ll find “The Private Room”.

Admittance to this luxurious, high-end lounge is only for passengers departing from Changi on Singapore Airlines in three cabin First or Suites Class.


What’s inside?  Basically it’s a full service restaurant with menu and buffet service.  You’ll find showers and large lounge chairs.



Here was the menu:


We ate, drank and took a shower, it was a great way to relax before a flight.  Our favorite menu item?  We highly recommend the Satay.


It was about an hour and a half before our flight and we needed to stop by duty-free on our way to the plane.  We leave a bit early to head to the gate.  The one thing I love about Changi Airport is security is at each gate.  Instead of a massive TSA check point, each gate has its own holding area for the plane.  Much easier in my opinion.

Once through we wait a bit for boarding our A380 to Frankfurt!


Boarding is called and we head to our double bed in the sky!  3C and 3D.  Just for reference, here is the SeatGuru seating chart.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.45.23 PM






The AMAZING crew was quick to help and welcome us on board.  They were also quick with the Dom!  While offering SEVERAL refills during the boarding process.


Lead flight attendant Zuliana gave us a very warm, “Welcome Aboard” and briefed us on the flight.  She then gave us our Ferragamo amenity kit along with our Givenchy pajamas with slippers. (click here to see contents of amenity kit).



We settle in and get comfortable.  After push back we are airborne and once again, the crew comes around with a welcome drink and nuts.  Mitch went for the signature drink “The Golden Spice” (lime cordial, ginger ale and pineapple juice).  I stuck with a club soda.



The crew then asks if we are ready for “supper service.”  We say YES, please.  They then set up an empty suite for us and the feast starts!

Now, instead of posting the 20 page menu, all you need to know is three words,


Singapore Airlines offers a book the cook service for all passengers traveling in Suites, First, Business and Premium Economy.  You can see the full menus by clicking on this link.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.44.48 PM

Zuliana then sets up suite 4F for us.


The appetizer is up first.  Mitch has the Alaskan Crab meat Mango Salad with mango-lime vinaigrette and salsa.  I enjoy the Malossol Caviar with Goose Foie Gras, cramelized apple, potato, mesclun leaves couscous salad and chive sour cream.

Both were DELICIOUS!



Next up, the soup course.  We both selected the Celeriac and Pear Cream Soup with roquefort custard and cold walnut salad.


For the main course we both “booked the cook” and had the Boston Lobster Thermidor a whole lobster sautéed in butter, flambéed in brandy, sprinkled with cheese, and served with creamy mushroom sauce, garlic and spicy mustard, and buttered asparagus. (Instagram video below, click to play)



Crab, check!  Lobster, check!  Caviar, check!  What more could we need?  This is what left us speechless.  Zuliana brings us a delicious chocolate cake for our 10 year anniversary!  And if that’s not impressive enough, she brought her OWN lighted flower decorations for the tray!  ABOVE AND BEYOND jaw dropping moment!  Watch this video!


A pic of the cake and lights!


At this point, could it get any better?  YES IT CAN!  We change into our Givenchy pajamas and come back to find the crew made our bed into this! WOW!



Zuliana comes by one more time with some snacks before bed with her festive lighting!


At this point it’s lights out for about the next 6 hours.


About 3 hours out from Frankfurt we wake up.  After that massive meal, we are feeling a bit hungry and are ready for our arrival meal.  Once again we “Booked The Cook” for our arrival meal.  Zuliana  sets up Suite 4F again for us to have breakfast.

Polrit enjoys the Kyo-Kaiseki Japanese Meal.  It’s a traditional Japanese array of dishes presented in sequence, with ingredients and garnishes reflecting and changing with each season. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata.



Mitch had booked the western selection of fruit with movenpick yoghurt and the main course Warm Waffle with Strawberry Coulis, fresh berries and mascarpone cheese.




Our time was coming to a close as we neared Frankfurt.


As we started our decent Zuliana, Tommy, Henry and Bernard came around to personally thank us and presented us with a thank you letter and this hand made uniform scarf print flower set.


Once again, such a special, kind and sweet crew.  BIG THANKS to Tommy, Henry, Bernard and Zulian for a memory of a lifetime!



Our final grades of Singapore Airlines SQ26

The Private Room lounge @ SIN: A

Comfort of the Seat: A+

Cabin Space Seat Layout: A++

Food: A+++

Amenity kit: A

Storage space: A

Inflight cabin crew service: A+++++

Ground customer service: A++

Booking the A380 Suites on Singapore Airlines was a top ten moment of a lifetime experience.  If you ever have the opportunity to fly Singapore, make sure you book the Suites and ask for Tommy, Henry, Bernard and Zuliana!  You won’t be disappointed!

Curious, what’s your favorite First or Business class experience of all time?

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  1. Emma Miller Reply

    How was the Japanese and western breakfast meal?

    1. Author
      Mitch Shannon Reply

      OH! It was DELICIOUS! Mitch said the waffles tasted just like they were made in Belgium. The Japanese meal was so DELICIOUS! The platting of the food was PERFECT!

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