How to get airline & hotel points for eating out with no effort!

How to get airline & hotel points for eating out with no effort!

Earning points and miles should be part of your strategy for earning free travel.  There are many different ways to do it.  My favorite ways are the ones that require minimal effort. 

Using one of the Rewards Network partners is an easy way to free points!

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You are hungry but don’t want to cook.  “Let’s go out to dinner.”  Great idea!  Why not earn some extra points, a double dip, while doing it.

Let me introduce you to the Rewards Network.

How does it work?

Rewards Network partners with many different airlines and hotels to offer you a double dip on dining out purchases at different restaurants.  Enrollment is free and there is minimal effort in signing up.  The hardest part is picking which rewards you want.

You can choose from these airlines:

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Or these hotels:

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Once you decide what rewards you want, simply google “Delta Airlines Rewards Network” and it will link you to that specific travel partner webpage.

Then sign up for the program and enter your credit cards.  Anytime your card is charged they capture the purchase and credit you with that specific reward.  Finally, you can search for a place for dinner and log in to see what the rewards are for that day.  Some restaurants differ from 3x to 10x points per dollar.  Not bad at all!


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.25.42 PMDELTA


We currently have all our dining out rewards being credited to our Delta SkyMiles account.  You can sign up for Delta Dining by clicking here

Make sure to look for the 3,000 signup bonus promotion.

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There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1.  You can only have one credit card attached to one rewards account.  Meaning, you can’t sign up for a Hilton and American rewards account.  You must choose which travel partner account you want to earn miles.  You can switch accounts by calling them.
  2. If your credit card has the same number as your spouse’s card you can only choose one mileage account to earn the rewards.  Meaning, if you have a credit card and your spouse is an authorized user with the same credit card number, they are NOT able to sign up for their own Rewards Network account for their charges.  All charges will go to whatever account you have that credit card attached.  You won’t be missing miles, however, you’ll need to decide which frequent flyer account, yours or your spouses, you want all the miles to go into.
  3. Remember, if your card is lost/stolen or compromised to log in and add the new account number.  In this age of fraud, we often have cards replaced with new numbers.  If the new number isn’t added you won’t be getting the double dip of points.

Have you been using the rewards network to double dip your points?  If so, tell us in the comments which travel partner you have your points credited.


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