British Airways Club World Review

British Airways Club World Review


Last week, we posted about how we purchased round trip Club World tickets on British Airways with one of their fare sales.

This week, we’re going to review the actual flight.  From the seat to the meal, here is our review…




Here is the rundown:

British Airways flight  268
Thursday, 12 May
Departure: 21:35
Arrival: 14:00+1
Flight Time: 10+25
Aircraft: A380
Seats: Upper Deck 58A & 58B



Since our flight left late at night, we departed for LAX a bit early to enjoy the new TBIT.




Check in was pretty easy with friendly check in agent Susie.  She tagged our bags and we were on our way through security.






We’ve heard some great things about the One World business class lounge at TBIT.  The lounge has a great spread of food, from a hot food & salad bar to a juice machine!  There is tons of room to spread out and enjoy yourself.

The full and self service bar has a great selection of wines, beers and champagne.

I’d say that this lounge is probably one of the top 5 domestic lounges in the U.S. for business class.


One World Lounge

We took a quick shower, then it was time to head off to the gate for boarding.



Boarding was UNORGANIZED.  Imagine a full A380, with limited space at gate 150.  I have to say, TBIT at LAX is beautiful and feels like a true international airport terminal, however, for these big jets, the gate space feels very limited.

Once the agent on’d us, we proceed up the stairs and boarded through the 1L upper door.



Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 3.00.01 PM




For those of you that have never flown on BA, their business class, aka “Club World“, in my opinion, is an international premium economy product, at best.

First, there is “direct aisle access” IF you step over the person in the aisle seat.  This is a very poor design.

The seat to have on this plane is on the upper deck, window.  However, that will cost you around $140 to “pre-select” your seat if you do not have any status with One World.  BA actually charges you to select your seat up to 24 hours before check-in.  However, if you wait, there are only middle seats left.  Just take a look at their A380 “Club World” layout here on SeatGuru.

IMG_2164As you can see there are forward and aft facing seats.  The only “good” Club World seat is the window on the upper deck.  You have small storage bins on the side.  The aisle seat has the least amount of storage space, just a simple SMALL bin that pulls out from below your seat.  Everything else must go in the overhead.


Floor storage for those in aisle seats.


Pull down ottoman that the window passenger must step over to get to the aisle.

IMG_2165Extra storage bins for those traveling in the window seat.


Having a little fun with the seat divider (hit play).

After we settled in, menus were passed out and (in my opinion) a very weak amenity kit.

Inflight service started about 45 minutes after take off and was a basic cocktail service with bags of snacks.  Followed by a salad/appetizer course.


That was followed up by the main course, Mitch had the beef and Polrit had the fish.

mealThen dessert.


To see the full menu click on these links:

Menu page 1

Menu page 2

Menu page 3



After service was finished, there was a “Club World” kitchen that you could get some snacks and drinks during the flight.




We then settled in for some sleep.  The pillow and blanket were dated and worn out.  Remember that Howard Johnson on the side of the interstate you stayed at when you were a young kid traveling back from a trip to Florida?  Remember how the blanket had little fabric balls and was scratchy?  The pillow was so thin, if felt like there was nothing behind your head.



Pre-arrival service was nothing special, a fruit and scone starter followed with a chicken sandwich.



Our final grades of British Airways “Club World”

One World LAX Lounge: A

Comfort of the Seat: B+

Cabin Space Seat Layout: D

Food: C

Amenity kit: D

Storage space: D-

Inflight cabin crew service: C

British Airways customer service: B-

Price: A+

Our final verdict is, if you are able to purchase a cheap BA Club World ticket, it’s worth it, however, we wouldn’t pay full fare for this product.

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