Why we called our blog Seat 2A Suite?

So why “Seat2ASuite”?


header_final_3“Seat2ASuite” came to us by being inspired to travel freely without having to travel on stand-by.



 Don’t get me wrong, the best part about being in the travel industry is the ability to travel for free but that comes at the mercy of the “non-rev gods”.





One day, we wanted to escape to Asia for a few days but the flights were just so full. In fact, it wasn’t just that day or week but the entire month. Then we looked into purchasing an “ID90”, the interline agreement on other airlines and guess what, they were also full AND some interline rates could be as high as some low season full fare. Then we thought back to some of our friends who buy full fare and used points from everyday spending to upgrade and hmmm…We have a bunch of points on our AmEx…can we use them for that?


“Why can’t we do this ourselves?”

delta-fare-saleThen came some of the awesome airline sales. I mean, who doesn’t like a good sale, right? We came across our first “good” sale when we scored two biz class tickets for about a thousand dollars each so why not escape to Madrid for the weekend and fly CONFIRMED! To put it into perspective, some of our “buddy passes” fares were half as much to fly stand-by to the same destination so why not fly confirmed? We’ve also gotten creative with some of our booking when combining a biz class fare and upgrade to a suite or First Class using points.


“Is it impossible to do?” Not at all but it takes a little practice and patience.
We wanted to inspire our friends and family to travel more and see the world.  With just a little time we could all find ways to make that dream trip AFFORDABLE and POSSIBLE.





Like Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” why not turn your “Seat2ASuite”?





So, have you ever bought full fare?  Where did you go and what trips have you used miles on?


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