Could this be the future air travel?

Could this be the future air travel?

IMG_5483The future is an intriguing place.

This weekend, we went to the Explore JPL open house

We had an amazing time, learning about Exoplanets and “booking a trip” to Kepler – 16B.










While we didn’t see this super flying drone at JPL, it does make you think, could a drone type of “plane” be the future of air travel?  This video has over 4 million views and is, ingenious to say the least!

The Swarm man carrying multi-rotor airborne flight testing montage. 54 counter-rotation propellers, six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization. Take off weight 148kg, max lift, approx. 164kg. Endurance10 minutes. Power approx. 22KW.


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